Where You Can Find Me by Fiona Cole




Luella King has experienced loss all her life. After losing her parents and the most important person in her life, she hesitates to open up to anyone and instead plays it safe. One night, she throws caution to the wind and gives into her desires with a sexy stranger. 

Fearing her sudden and unexpected loss of control, Luella runs away from him. A chance second encounter pushes her to open her eyes and give the stranger a chance. 

There’s something about Jack MacCabe that makes her feel safe enough to lower her guard. Despite how busy he is with his job as a security specialist, they continue to spend more time together and with each date and late night message she finds herself falling in love. 

When a serial killer wreaks havoc on their city, Jack’s dangerously close proximity to the case reignites Luella’s fears of losing someone important to her. Surrendering her fears in order to keep Jack by her side challenges Luella to her limits, while Jack is under pressure to catch the serial killer before it’s too late. 

As Jack and Luella draw closer to one another, the killer closes in on their next victim. Soon Jack and Luella find themselves entrenched in a mystery they never saw coming. 

**Warning: This book may contain minor triggers due to sensitive topics.

I have to start by saying, that for a debut novel, this was amazing. Too often when reading something from a first time writer, there are spelling errors, the grammar is less than desireable, lots of rambling, poor charachter development, my list could go on.

I love that the characters are totally relateble, and you can feel their pain when they feel it, their happiness. Honestly i couldnt get enough of the book. i was more concerned with getting lost in the world of Jack and Luella, that i forgot i had a child that needed food and had to go to school! ( No need to call CPS, shes all good. i momed up lol)

The one thing i totally related with was the fear from getting “the call”. being a military brat, and now wife, I know that fear all to well. And i died inside after reading about Asher, having an irish twin myself, losing her would kill me.

and i just have to say…HOLY COITUS!!! after reading some of those sex scenes…i had to take a breather. My husband totally knew what i was reading. I am a blusher. lol you would be crazy to not wan a Jack of your own!!!!

Moving on…

I would would recommend this book to any one and every one. Its thrilling, mysterious, and heart warmingly romantic all at the same time. it make you play detective, i didnt figure it out til I was there, but the clues are all there. Obviously i am not that great at playing detective. 🙂

read it!! You wont regret it!!




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